Tuesday, July 2, 2013


There seems to be some controversy over whether affirmations work or not. They seem to work for some people . . . sometimes . . . and not at all for others. Whether you believe affirmations work or not, they certainly don't hurt. I think the biggest power of them is to keep you focused on what you want and as you stay focused on what you want your mind brings up options, solutions, and opportunities to make it happen. I believe where people most often go wrong is that they don't act upon those universal nudges.

I believe that using affirmations has helped me immensely in bringing about positive change in  my live, and I believe that they have also played an important role in keeping or expanding the good things I am already blessed with. However, I have not been successful with all of them either and I don't know why some seem to be working and others do not ! Could it be that I'm still missing something in my current process . . . could it be that it's just not my time for this accomplishment yet . . . or . . . maybe it is just not meant for me ! Well, no matter what the reason, I won't stop trying. It's a lifelong work in progress !

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