Sunday, August 3, 2014

Spiritual Solutions To Conflict And Violence

Are there Spiritual Solutions to Conflict and Violence?

Deepak Chopra offers 10 Spiritual Solutions   on his Blog and he also expands on each of the 10 points in a 10 minute video.

He uses these 10 points addressing the conflict and violence in Gaza specifically, however these principles hold true for all situations of conflict and violence, big or small.

The Solutions he lists are:
  1. Speak with respect, lack of respect will get you nowhere
  2. Recognize that in any conflict there is perceived justice on both sides
  3. Recognize that both sides are operating from fear
  4. Refrain from belligerence
  5. Understand and use the techniques of emotional intelligence
  6. Recognize that your values maybe different than the values of the people who are in conflict with you
  7. Do not make the other person wrong
  8. Refrain from defending your ideology or religion
  9. Be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness
  10. Strive for wellbeing

Deepak's template for resolution is not new or only Spiritual, but it is so common sense and can be successfully applied in resolving all conflicts, big and small.

The stumbling block is unfortunately, the human Ego, which resists using any of those types of tools due to its Need To Be Right. It is unfortunate that the human Ego is so difficult to convert from this need to be right to letting go and preferring the Need To Be At Peace . . . and until people recognize and deliberately choose to follow this truth, the Ego will remain the source of all conflict and violence . . . big and small.

The part of these principles that is new and encouraging, is that this is happening on a grass root level, as more and more people recognize the validity of them and they are making a deliberate effort to apply them in their daily life. I can only pray that wisdom and insight follows to those in charge of the lives and livelihoods of other people. Peace Be Still !

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