Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday time can be a challenging time !

Holiday time can be a challenging time. It can be easy to get caught up in heavyhearted feelings about family, friends, relationships, money . . . or the world at large. It can become easy to give our attention to what we believe to be missing or what’s wrong, rather than look for and see the good of the abundance of what is there or what is right.

I remember a story about Mother Teresa, where she was said to have walked down a street in impoverished Calcutta; with hunger, death, and disease all around her. As she was walking down this street, with raw sewage flowing in the street gutter, she noticed one little flower growing in the sewage. This one flower was what she chose to see and focus on . . . it is what gave her strength, courage, hope, and joy in this moment . . . and whenever she intentionally chose to bring this image back into her awareness, when she needed it.

We see what we look for . . . we can choose to look for, find, and see the flower. It will allow for joy, love, gratitude, and appreciation to fill our heart so we can enjoy the holiday season just a little more, than we otherwise would.

Happy Holidays.



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