Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Good Vibrations Journal

For some reason the human mind often likes to see and focus on what’s missing or what’s wrong rather than what’s there that’s good. Many of us have allowed ourselves to be programmed that way and we may now realize that this default programming no longer serves us . . . and it’s time to re-program ourselves.

Good Vibrations Journal (GVJ), which is a creation and an extension of MyWisdomBoard, can help us do that.

It is a fun, online, interactive daily journaling tool that can help us shift our perception from repeatedly looking at and noticing what’s missing in our life . . . towards looking for and shining the spotlight on the good things that are already there.
When we repeatedly notice, acknowledge, and enjoy what's already there, it automatically expands due to the attention that we are giving it. The opposite is also true. When we repeatedly notice, acknowledge, and feel badly about what's not there, it (not being there) automatically expands, due to the attention that we are giving it.

The GVJ simply helps us to focus our attention on feeling Good about 'What we already have' . . . instead of feeling badly about 'What we don't have', that we want. Consequently, when we feel good (or at least better) about what we have, we are happier . . . and when we continue to feel badly about what we don't have, we continue to be unhappy.

The choice is always ours !

I ask myself: How do I want to feel about 'what is' in my life that I cannot change at this moment ? Do I want to feel good (or at least the best I can) or not ? If I want to feel the best way possible, it is my task to shift my perspective of how I look at the reality of 'what is' in this moment. . . and then going forward . . . it is my task to make the best choices and decisions possible to move myself in the direction I want to see myself go. 
The GVJ simply helps me shift my focus to looking for the good that's already there . . . so that I can feel better while I work on making the best choices and decisions as I move forward.     

You can participate on our
Facebook page or you can participate privately. The result may be similar if you are self-motivated. One advantage of participating and sharing actively may be that you stay more committed and focused. I think this can not only significantly magnify and expand the effect, but also reduce the amount of time it takes to notice the beneficial impact of this daily practice.
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