Monday, June 13, 2016

Applying the Tools and Lessons I have Learned

I was recently asked to share more about how my experiences of life have changed as I have been learning and applying the things I share here, on fb, and on my website. 
Yesterday's tragic mass shooting in Orlando provides an unfortunate opportunity to apply many of the tools and lessons I have learned in an effort to deal with and digest this heart-wrenching event. 
Before I discovered and applied my current skills I would have fallen into my previously accepted auto-pilot reaction of anger, fear, and judgment . . . where I would have automatically looked for and found people or systems to blame for what has taken place. It would certainly have steered me towards more hatred toward Muslims and possibly Religions, as it is doing with so many. Today I know better than to fall into that trap. 
Hate cannot heal anything, it can only be matched by the Universe, and thus it can only create more hate . . . being fearful cannot heal us, it can only be matched by the Universe, and thus it can only create more fear . . . judging others cannot heal anything either, it can only be matched by the Universe, and thus it can only create more judgment.
Personally, I do not wish to contribute to the expansion of such low vibrations, for I know now, that it was these exact vibrations that created this tragic event in the first place. 
I choose to apply my knowing: 
  • I accept what happened.
  • I allow myself to feel the pain and sadness that I feel about what has happened.
  • I feel compassion and love for everyone involved, including myself.
  • I do my best to contribute to the Higher Vibrational Frequency of our world in the face of   what is happening. It is now needed even more than it was yesterday. 
  • I do my best to forgive.
  • I make Peace with what is (the best I can).
  • I stay away from the repeated media coverage . . . it only magnifies my pain and suffering. For many, it only magnifies the anger, fear, and judgment.
  • I envision a world that is free of violence caused by human beings.  
AND . . . I Pray ! 
I Pray Love, I Pray Peace, and I Pray Compassion.
Peace and Blessing for all.

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