Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vibrational Alignment with what I Seek

There is Great Value in learning about Vibrational Alignment with what I Seek if, that which I am seeking is eluding me despite my efforts. 

For me, finding Alignment with what I want to create in my life is not easy to understand and even harder to practice. I also know this to be true for many people, which is why I am sharing with you what I am learning about this. I hope that is helps you find your way to your Alignment with all you desire and seek to experience in your life.  

About Alignment
Alignment with what I want is critical if I want it to materialize.
Most of us don’t even realize that we are out of Alignment and that this misalignment is the cause of much of our dis-ease in our lives.
Alignment seems simple enough when it is talked about but it is not easy to understand and even harder to put into conscientious practice.

Principles Of Alignment :
I am an Vibrational Being ! 

Alignment = Matching of the same Frequencies
Alignment = Matching the frequency of my vibration to the frequency of what I would like to experience
Alignment = Allowing these frequencies to match and dominate in my life Alignment = Release of Resistance
Alignment = The predominant Absence of resistant thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, statements, behavior, fear, doubt, worry, etc.

If I am able to create and hold the feeling and experience of what I would like to experience in the absence of the evidence of it . . . then I am Aligned with what I seek.  

Alignment . . .
Is to see, feel, and experience it already done.
It is to TRUST that it is already done and it is on its way to me.
I am committed to follow my Guidance and act on the opportunities and doors presented to me on my path.

I understand that there is a Lag Time . . . and I am patient.
I understand that the vibration of what I think, feel, and speak, must match the vibration of what I want to show up. (See LOA)  

As I patiently move along my path . . .

I Feel appreciative, grateful, and as happy as I can with where I am  . . . with who I am . . . and with what I have . . . while at the same time I feel optimistic and excited about the good that is coming towards me.

I anticipate it with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or worry hindering my receiving of it !
I anticipate it patiently . . . knowing that it is flowing to me . . . and that it will arrive when the time is right !

All day, every day, as I move through my day . . . I count my blessings !
All day, every day, as I move through my day . . . I make mental lists of the many things I appreciate and I am grateful for !

I notice every seemingly little, good thing in my live . . . and I feel appreciation for its presence in my life . . . and as I keep activating those positive thoughts and feelings . . . those positive vibrations . . . of what is working . . . of what is good in my life . . . more of what’s working and what's good will flow to me. The LOA makes it so.  

The Abundance in my life . . .  is simply the universe’ response to my consistent thoughts and feelings about Abundance.

I Know, or Trust, that the abundance I seek is coming . . . that It is flowing to me freely and generously . . .
I feel appreciation for it . . . even if I can't see it in my physical reality yet . . .
I feel appreciation for what is now . . .
and I feel excitement and appreciation for what is on its way to me.

I relax and enjoy the unfolding of it . . . because I know that I am meant to realize what I seek . . . that I am meant to be abundant in so many different ways and . . . that I am meant to be happy ! I know that 'All Is Well' and everything will evolve as it should for my Highest Good !  
Learn more about Vibrational Alignment from the Expert  Abraham Hicks   

If you can begin to savor the mere fact that you have desire right now, and stop trying so hard to have that desire be fulfilled and manifested in some physical format, then you would have it.  Abraham Hicks

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