Thursday, June 18, 2015

FEAR talks to me . . .

FEAR talks to me and it tries to scare the wits out of me . . . but there is something I can learn.

My Fear reminds me about what has happened in the past  . . .
and it tells me what ‘could’ happen in the future . . . possibly again !
It repeatedly echo’s the ‘worst case’ scenario in my head.
It reiterates: I am doomed !

My Fear creates intense feelings in me . . . as though this worst case scenario is playing out and happening in this moment . . . as though it is a reality in its entirety . . . Right here . . . Right  Now ! And most of the time, the simple truth is: It is simply not true ! My mind is playing tricks on me. It is not telling me the truth !

It is not telling me that there may be other possible scenarios or outcomes.
It is not reminding me that there are options that affect this scenario or outcome.
It is not pointing out that this scenario was in the past and is no longer valid.
It is not reminding me that there is a time-frame before such an possible outcome.
It is not telling me . . . etc. etc.

When I decide to objectively look at what the Fear is telling me, I can see that . . . There is no ‘Imminent Danger’ . . . instead, what is happening is, that I am responding to something that is triggering my Fear reaction.

Fear affects my Well-Being
When Fear creates these intense feelings in me, the vibration of this negative energy shoots through my body, and because I believe it to be true, I unintentionally hold on to it in my body . . . where it stays . . . ready to rise up again the next time it is triggered . . . repeating a vicious cycle.  
During this vicious cycle, my body responds by creating toxic chemicals that are released into my system . . . and the repeated release of those chemicals into my system will eventually manifest into premature aging and sickness in the physical body.

What I can do ?
Become aware of the Fear process and how it affects me, my body, and my life.
Learn how to effectively deal with my Fear issues. 
Learn to release the negative energy before it gets stuck in my body.
Learn to release the negative energy that is already stuck in my body.
Become aware that this is not usually a one time and it is done process. Many of my Fear patterns took a lot of repetition to establish and they are going to take repetition to dismantle.

When Fear arises, ask these Questions:
Is there ‘Imminent Danger’ ? If yes . . . act !
How much of what is being described by my Fear is actually happening, Now ?
Is there a possibility that it may happen ? Maybe . . . anything is possible.
Is it going to happen . . . for sure ? No . . . few things are for sure.
Is it happening NOW ? Most of the time . . . No !
How much time is there before this may happen and what else needs to occur before it actually turns into this reality?
Is there something I can do to influence this outcome ?
What can I / could I / am I willing to do to influence this outcome ?

It's NOT True !





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