Sunday, October 9, 2016

Free Will is our Birthright !

Free Will is our Birthright !
It guarantees that we ALWAYS have a choice,  even when we believe otherwise
. . . and more often than not, we have more choices than what we acknowledge. 

The reason why our mind so often insists that we ‘don't have a choice’ is usually because it looks at the choices available and it immediately dismisses the choices available as not being an option. Our mind does this so quickly that it promptly leads us to the conclusion that we have ‘no choice’ other than ‘the one choice’ that we ‘have to’ come to.

However, this whole scenario is a victim trap that robs us of our power to move through and eventually past an unpleasant choice that we must make.

If we were to look at and acknowledge to ourselves ALL of the available choices in their entirety . . . we would most often recognize and come to the conclusion that we do have a number of different choices available to us . . . but we do not like any of them ! Thus, we decide to choose the one that is the ‘best’ choice of the options that are available.  

Choosing to make the best choice that is available to me at the time, is something to feel good about; even when it is a choice I do not like and I would rather not have made. 

Nonetheless: It is what it is . . . and I can choose to either move forward feeling as good as is possible about it . . . or can move forward feeling as victim of it. One will make it easier and quicker for me to move through and eventually past it . . . and one will make it more difficult and more painful. It is my choice ! I always have a choice . . . it is my Birthright.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fear can be Paralyzing !

Fear can be paralyzing if we allow it to run rampant on our default auto-pilot setting . . . it will happily run our lives and keep us from the joy and abundance that we are meant to experience. 

Fear is usually a result of a memory of the past or a worst case scenario vision of the future . . . but seldom is there any actual 'danger' right now.

From my observation, Fear is generally a automatically triggered instant reaction that, once triggered, is kept 'alive' and even 'amplified' by the stories of our Mind Chatter. 

If it were not for our minds continued focus on this fear and our Mind Chatters embellishment of the worst case scenario doom and gloom that 'might' follow . . . we would realize that our fear was just triggered by a default reaction to something and that there is 'No Danger Now'.

It is safe to allow the feeling to pass through us and out of us and shift our attention to something that feels better.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Applying the Tools and Lessons I have Learned

I was recently asked to share more about how my experiences of life have changed as I have been learning and applying the things I share here, on fb, and on my website. 
Yesterday's tragic mass shooting in Orlando provides an unfortunate opportunity to apply many of the tools and lessons I have learned in an effort to deal with and digest this heart-wrenching event. 
Before I discovered and applied my current skills I would have fallen into my previously accepted auto-pilot reaction of anger, fear, and judgment . . . where I would have automatically looked for and found people or systems to blame for what has taken place. It would certainly have steered me towards more hatred toward Muslims and possibly Religions, as it is doing with so many. Today I know better than to fall into that trap. 
Hate cannot heal anything, it can only be matched by the Universe, and thus it can only create more hate . . . being fearful cannot heal us, it can only be matched by the Universe, and thus it can only create more fear . . . judging others cannot heal anything either, it can only be matched by the Universe, and thus it can only create more judgment.
Personally, I do not wish to contribute to the expansion of such low vibrations, for I know now, that it was these exact vibrations that created this tragic event in the first place. 
I choose to apply my knowing: 
  • I accept what happened.
  • I allow myself to feel the pain and sadness that I feel about what has happened.
  • I feel compassion and love for everyone involved, including myself.
  • I do my best to contribute to the Higher Vibrational Frequency of our world in the face of   what is happening. It is now needed even more than it was yesterday. 
  • I do my best to forgive.
  • I make Peace with what is (the best I can).
  • I stay away from the repeated media coverage . . . it only magnifies my pain and suffering. For many, it only magnifies the anger, fear, and judgment.
  • I envision a world that is free of violence caused by human beings.  
AND . . . I Pray ! 
I Pray Love, I Pray Peace, and I Pray Compassion.
Peace and Blessing for all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Acceptance . . . Will set me Free !

Acceptance is a powerful tool to RELEASE or prevent unhealthy, heavy emotions (Vibrations), so we can Allow 'what is'.
Non-Acceptance is a form of Resistance that we hold as a result of judging something as ‘Right or Wrong’.
Unfortunately many people cling to their ‘right’ and / or their ‘responsibility’ to hold on to non-acceptance because they feel that somehow it would be ‘wrong’ to accept something they believe to be wrong. They inaccurately belief, by choosing acceptance they are condoning or supporting what they are accepting. Furthermore, they tend to believe that this acceptance means that ‘it’ would stay as ‘it is’ indefinitely, when in truth it is often just the beginning of allowing a beneficial shift to take place within us.

These misperceptions often result in unhealthy energy patterns that get repeated in some way until we recognize them, and we realize that they do not serve us. At this point we start to see that we must change them from within us if we want to move forward.

We can learn to shift these untrue perceptions once we recognize that:
We are only accepting ‘what is' . . . that we can’t change . . . in this moment.
We realize that resisting what is out of our control is only feeding the power it holds over us.

On the other hand: When we allow ‘it’ to be ‘what it is’, and then use our skills to the best of our ability to move us in a positive direction . . . then we are the ones who stand in our own power and we are consciously creating a better outcome than what it would otherwise be.  
The most important and most often missed reality about Acceptance, is the same as it is about Forgiveness: Acceptance has nothing to do with others . . . it is all about us ! It is about the perceptions we hold and the resulting choices we make about how we want to feel and live our life. Acceptance, like Forgiveness . . . will set us Free of unhealthy, heavy emotions that do not serve us and it will pave our path to greater joy and happiness . . .
if we Accept it and Allow it ! 
Acceptance does not mean that:
I will not take certain action in an attempt to improve something going forward.
I resign myself to something being as it is forever (i.e. it does not mean that I give up).
I ‘Approve’ of or condone what I am accepting.
Acceptance does mean that:
I accept ‘What Is’ . . . in this moment
. . . allowing to release any Pain and Tension (Resistance) that causes dis-ease.  

I accept what I cannot change . . . in this moment. . . with the understanding that:
     * There is Divine Order.
     * Everything is as it should be . . . in this moment . . . for whatever reason . . .
        even when I do not understand it and it appears otherwise.
     * Everything is working out for everybody’s Highest Good . . .
        even when I do not understand it or it appears otherwise.

I accept ‘What Is’ . . . in this moment . . . with the understanding that:
     * I am able to accept something from the perspective that ‘IT IS’ in this moment without
        approving, liking, condoning, or reacting to it.
     * I am . . . or I will do what I can (or must) do in an attempt to better something.
     * It is my task to learn new skills that help me grow and expand for my Highest Good.  
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Good Vibrations Journal

For some reason the human mind often likes to see and focus on what’s missing or what’s wrong rather than what’s there that’s good. Many of us have allowed ourselves to be programmed that way and we may now realize that this default programming no longer serves us . . . and it’s time to re-program ourselves.

Good Vibrations Journal (GVJ), which is a creation and an extension of MyWisdomBoard, can help us do that.

It is a fun, online, interactive daily journaling tool that can help us shift our perception from repeatedly looking at and noticing what’s missing in our life . . . towards looking for and shining the spotlight on the good things that are already there.
When we repeatedly notice, acknowledge, and enjoy what's already there, it automatically expands due to the attention that we are giving it. The opposite is also true. When we repeatedly notice, acknowledge, and feel badly about what's not there, it (not being there) automatically expands, due to the attention that we are giving it.

The GVJ simply helps us to focus our attention on feeling Good about 'What we already have' . . . instead of feeling badly about 'What we don't have', that we want. Consequently, when we feel good (or at least better) about what we have, we are happier . . . and when we continue to feel badly about what we don't have, we continue to be unhappy.

The choice is always ours !

I ask myself: How do I want to feel about 'what is' in my life that I cannot change at this moment ? Do I want to feel good (or at least the best I can) or not ? If I want to feel the best way possible, it is my task to shift my perspective of how I look at the reality of 'what is' in this moment. . . and then going forward . . . it is my task to make the best choices and decisions possible to move myself in the direction I want to see myself go. 
The GVJ simply helps me shift my focus to looking for the good that's already there . . . so that I can feel better while I work on making the best choices and decisions as I move forward.     

You can participate on our
Facebook page or you can participate privately. The result may be similar if you are self-motivated. One advantage of participating and sharing actively may be that you stay more committed and focused. I think this can not only significantly magnify and expand the effect, but also reduce the amount of time it takes to notice the beneficial impact of this daily practice.
Visit us and see what it's all about, on our Good Vibrations Journal Facebook page.



Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stress Relief and Management

Does anything in this chart resonate with you and your life?
You would be an amazing exception if it didn't. Stress is a natural occurrence of life, but how we manage and or react to it varies widely from one person to another.
If you would like to quickly manage your level of stress and your reaction to it, try

created by the InstituteOfHeartMath

It creates a coherent state of relief in about a minute with the simple, but extremely powerful steps of the Quick Coherence® Technique. Using the power of your heart to balance thoughts and emotions, you can achieve energy, mental clarity and feel better fast anywhere and anytime.  

Visit The Institute Of HeartMath for details on this and other Heart based intelligence research.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday time can be a challenging time !

Holiday time can be a challenging time. It can be easy to get caught up in heavyhearted feelings about family, friends, relationships, money . . . or the world at large. It can become easy to give our attention to what we believe to be missing or what’s wrong, rather than look for and see the good of the abundance of what is there or what is right.

I remember a story about Mother Teresa, where she was said to have walked down a street in impoverished Calcutta; with hunger, death, and disease all around her. As she was walking down this street, with raw sewage flowing in the street gutter, she noticed one little flower growing in the sewage. This one flower was what she chose to see and focus on . . . it is what gave her strength, courage, hope, and joy in this moment . . . and whenever she intentionally chose to bring this image back into her awareness, when she needed it.

We see what we look for . . . we can choose to look for, find, and see the flower. It will allow for joy, love, gratitude, and appreciation to fill our heart so we can enjoy the holiday season just a little more, than we otherwise would.

Happy Holidays.



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Power of ‘Affirmations’ and ‘Affirmative Guided Meditations’

‘Affirmations’ and ‘Affirmative Guided Meditations’ are both very Powerful Tools that have a lot in common. They have many of the same Benefits and they are also Practiced in the same way !  
The main difference is, while Affirmations are usually short and concise so that they can easily be remembered, Affirmative Guided Meditations are generally much lengthier.
Their common Benefits include that they both:
  • Create positive change in my life.
  • Help me clarify what I would like to have, create, or experience in my life.
  • Are scripts that describe my ‘Best Case Scenario’ vision.
  • Create focus by helping me hold my vision . . .
  • Help guide me towards being able to see, feel, and experience - in my body and my mind - how good it feels to have  what I want to experience ! Not how good it will feel when I have it . . . but how good it feels to have it ! ! !  
  • Raise my Vibrational Frequency.
  • Help me open a pathway that allows me to embody what I would like to experience.
  • Open my mind to new options, solutions, opportunities, and possibilities.


My Guidelines for Practicing both are exactly the same:

  • I must say it out loud every day.
  • I must be in a relaxed state, where I am undisturbed, and can allow for plenty of time.
  • When I practice them, I am creating and holding my vision . . .  and I must be able to see, feel, and experience - in my body and my mind - how good it feels to already have what it is that I want to experience ! Not how Good it Will Feel . . . but how Good it Feels . . . Right Now !
  • I must take appropriate Action and do what needs to be done to realize my vision.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The 'Immense Power' of Appreciation !

Appreciation is the most Powerful Tool I know of, to create Well-Being and a Joyously Abundant  Life . . . and once I discovered this Immense Power of Appreciation . . . I have been wanting to do it more and more, just because it is so powerful and it feels so good !  I intentionally make Appreciation the object of my Attention . . . and as I do so, the Law Of Attraction is bringing me more and more to appreciate ! 

The reason why Appreciation is so powerful is because when we are in a state of Appreciation, we are not in a state of resistance, which is the root cause of our misery.

I don't however, try to Appreciate or feel good about things or people that are of a Lower Vibration . . . instead I take my attention away from them and I look for things or people of a higher Vibration and I Appreciate or feel good about them.

Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. Appreciation is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. When you focus upon what you want - when you tell the story of how you want your life to be - you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation, and when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way.    ---Abraham Hicks
Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.     
For more details visit MyWisdomBoard's 'Appreciation' page. 


Friday, September 25, 2015

Mind Chatter . . . The Ultimate Story-Teller !

I am NOT my Mind . . . I have a Mind (to use)
I – Spirit – must take charge of the mind.
I must observe the Mind and witness
what it is doing.
I must speak to the Mind . . . not from the Mind !
I tell my Mind:
You are NOT the Boss of us . . . I am in Charge of us !
‘I see what you are doing’ !
You are incessantly writing, telling, and repeating unpleasant and untrue stories.
You are our ‘protective’ personality . . . but this kind of protection is
un-necessary and harmful to us.
It is out of alignment with our Higher Self . . . and I Intent to bring us into Alignment with each other!
You derail my Intentions . . . instead of supporting them !
You always tell me what’s wrong . . . rather than what’s right . . .
How the world is against us . . . not for us . . .
What’s not working . . . instead of what’s working !
You paint a worst case scenario . . . not a best case scenario . . . and
You always point out all the reasons why it won’t work or
Why it won’t happen . . . how I’m not good enough . . . or why I’m not worthy !
You are incessantly writing, telling, adding to, and repeating these unpleasant and untrue stories to justify why you are needed to protect us . . . but
‘I see what you are doing’ ! Your protection is un-necessary and harmful; and I intent to take charge of you.
I must . . . and I intent to learn to separate myself from my Mind Chatter !
I Ask myself regularly: Is this true . . . or am I telling a story ?
What is the ’verifiable’ evidence????
If it is a story . . . I intentionally and deliberately  take away its energy, its power . . . by removing my attention from the story and giving my attention to something else . . . something more pleasant . . . i.e. I intentionally and deliberately  train myself to stop the false ‘story-telling’ by distracting myself !
I intentionally practice this every day as I go through my day . . . as I catch my mind telling its stories ! 
For more details visit MyWisdomBoard's 'Mind Chatter' page.