Wednesday, April 15, 2015

About ‘The Law Of Attraction’

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) seems simple but it is not all that easily understood.

The LOA is a Universal Law !
A Universal Law is a law that works at all times for all things . . .
Whether we want it to or not . . .
No Exceptions !

We live in a reflective Universe . . . made of 100% Vibrations.  
Vibrations are Energy.
All Energy sends out a signal that carries a Vibrational Frequency.

The LOA is the Universal Manager of all Vibrations (signals) and . . . it always flows through the ‘Path of Least Resistance’.

As a 100 % Vibrational Being – who radiates out a Vibrational Signal at a specific Frequency . . . every moment of every day . . . the Universe responds to that signal . . . by reflecting back to me the 'Essence' of what I, consistently and predominantly, send out. This 'Essence' is reflected back to me through ‘My Path Of Least Resistance’.

The LOA is the Universe’s response to what I claim to be true in my heart and in my mind – and this is how ‘I Create my Reality’ . . . my life experience!

I can only claim what I believe in . . . what I know can exist, what I feel certain about, what I can create and experience in my mind . . . in my vision . . . what I can imagine, feel, see, smell, taste, and know to be possible . . . what I know can be so . . . and what I know is already so.  

Because the LOA is the Universe’ response to what I claim . . . I must be conscious of what it is that I am claiming,  and I must become deliberate in training myself to claim what I seek . . . instead of unintentionally choosing the opposite.

Am I claiming a pleasurable reality or a distasteful reality ?
Am I claiming the delightful things that I would like to experience in my life . . . or am I unconsciously claiming the unpleasant experiences that I actually fear and want to avoid ? I must be in Vibrational Alignment with what I seek.  

When my thoughts, my feelings, or my attention is frequently and predominantly focused on something unpleasant . . . I am claiming something unpleasant to show up in my life . . . whether I want it or not. It may not show up in the same thing, the same way, or through the same person . . . but in time the 'Essence' of it will be reflected back to me . . . It is Law !

When I fear . . . or I feel badly about not having the things I want to have, be, or do; rather than claim the things I would like to have, be, or do – I am creating a reality of more of what I don’t have, what I am not, and what I believe that I am not able to do. This is more of the opposite of what I actually want – because the Universe is reflecting the 'stress' energy of the feeling of the absence of what I want to have, be, or do, back to me. 

The easiest way to tell what consistent and predominant energy I have been sending out is to notice how things are turning out for me. It tells me in a very clear way which 'Vibrational Signals’ I have been sending out, because I always get the Essence of this energy back whether I want it or not.

In other words . . . The 'Essence' of what I feel to be true in my heart and in my mind and what I get back are always a perfect Vibrational Match.


Learn more about the powerful LOA from Abraham and Esther Hicks.


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